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Crosby Employees Take Time To Give Back

In September, several Crosby employees donated their time to the volunteer program Community Servings, a non-profit organization located in Jamaica Plain. Community Servings provides healthy and nutritious meals to individuals and families residing in the greater Boston area living with critical and chronic illnesses. The goal of the program is to help those in need maintain their independence by delivering meals for free.

Crosby volunteers learned about the organization and safe food handling and then prepared meals in an assembly-line fashion, with each person at their own station. Strict cleanliness precautions were followed, as many Community Servings recipients have compromised immune systems. Some volunteers assisted by adding a protein, starch or vegetable dish to meal containers while others sealed packages that would be frozen and delivered at a future time.

There are many ways to contribute to Community Servings, including meal preparation, packaging and/or delivery and food or monetary donations. Beginning in October, Community Servings will have its 14th annual "Pie in the Sky" pie sale. Pies will be sold for $25; proceeds from the sale of one pie will help feed an individual for one week. To learn more about the Pie in the Sky pie sale, you may visit pieinthesky.org or visit the Community Servings website about how you can help.

Everyone at Crosby who volunteered had a fantastic time working with Community Servings. We are excited about future volunteer opportunities with Community Servings and other local organizations.


Crosby Receives SAS 70 Certification

We are happy to report that Crosby has officially received its SAS 70 certification. Crosby's pursuit of its SAS 70 certification comes as part of a larger quality initiative that began in 2006. The SAS 70, or Statement on Auditing Standard 70, is a set of standards developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) for service organizations. These standards are used by auditors to evaluate and report on the internal controls of those organizations.

To receive a copy of our SAS 70 certification by email or mail, please contact your client consultant or Benjamin Crosby via email or by calling 617-630-0444.


FSA Webcasts Are Now Available Online

Crosby Benefit Systems strives to deliver creative solutions and exceptional service that exceed your expectations. We also know how important it is to give you the tools to communicate to your employees the advantages of their benefits.

We now offer two video presentations detailing the benefits of our Flexible Spending Account (FSA) programs, one that includes details about the Flex Debit Card and one without. Conveniently, all you or your employees need to do is visit our website to watch these presentations.



Crosby Benefit Systems is proud to be involved with the following conferences, seminars, and other events taking place over the next few months: